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  • Ramon C.
    Sales Manager

    Let's start off by saying Ramon knows his stuff! Over 20 years experience taking care of his co-workers, and clients!  He just has that "I GOTCHU!" mindset...why because if he says he's gonna take care of it he definitely will! By the way he's got you in Spanish too!

  • Shahar A.
    Pre-Owned Manager

    Shahar, has been doing this for 15+ years, He's the best! If we don't have a car...He'll go out and "BUY" it for you, if you want to "SELL" your car he'll buy it from you! There is nothing he can't get, put him to the test!

  • Kyle R.
    Finance Manager

    With over a decade of experience in the automotive industry, Kyle has always aimed to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, throughout his career. Whether it's about banking, credit, or figuring out the best way to protect your investment, he's here to answer all your questions

  • Leon R.
    Sales Consultant

    Leon's title does not tell the whole story! He's been with us over 10 years! As our most senior sales consultant, he has all the tools to help you with whatever you need! Consistently at the top for customer satisfaction, you'll never be disappointed!

  • Mino P.
    Sales Consultant

    Ever had a sales consultant that cares too much? If your answer is "no", then... Mino, is the person you want to speak to in English or Korean. He understands that caring about the customer, is what has made him "GREAT", come in and see for yourself!

  • Stacy L.
    BDC Manager

    Stacy, is as pleasant as a fresh cut bouquet of flowers! Stacy and her team have been handling our business development needs for years, feel free to give her, and her team a call to point you in the right direction, for all your automotive needs.

  • Selenia R.
    Business Development

    The only thing better than her Spanish is her English, Selenia, has the  knowledge to handle just about any call! If you call, and she answers , you need to thank your lucky stars, because you just hit the jackpot!

  • Victor A.
    Service Manager

  • Jim C.
    Parts Manager